MGM Custom Art

My name is Mary Golden-Musick. I was born in Paris, TX. I lived in the same century old yellow country home in Atlas until I got married. My studio is right beside that house and I love to go there to paint and draw. My daughter is also named Atlas Elizabeth after the little community. I began drawing when I was a very small child. My first grade teacher gave us an assignment to draw what we wanted for Christmas. So, I drew a puppy in a Christmas box. My teacher was so impressed she told my mom to get me into art lessons. I went to several teachers when I was younger, then at the age of 11; I began taking lessons from Jamie Carter. I learned so much from her and she is was the inspiration to be an art teacher.

For 4 years I taught private art lessons out of my studio in Atlas. Now I teach art at Chisum High School, and absolutely love my job. I graduated from Chisum and it is a blessing to teach there. My goal as a teacher is to be an artist who teaches, not just an art teacher. I hope to inspire all my students and allow them to express their creativity.

My art consist mostly of portrait paintings and drawings. When painting portraits I try to capture the subject's expression and personality. The collaboration “Yoked Series” with my daughter Atlas Elizabeth is my pride of my portfolio of work. I have a connective tissue disease called Ehlers Danlols Syndrome, and have had 34 surgeries.  Art is something Atlas and I can always do together no matter how bad my health may get. Art for me is an outlet, a chance to show the World how I feel, and what is important to me. I thank God every day for Atlas, and the talent He gave me that we can share together.
My husband, Kenneth, is an endless support for not only my art but my health. My parents, Jerry and Patsy Golden made sure I was always in art classes, and supported my art career fully. They all have helped me fulfill my dream of being an artist. I cannot thank all of them enough for all they have done for me.